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LTE 5G Market Statistics – March 2021

Network Types

-153 operators with launched commercial 5G networks, in 64 countries/territories

As of mid-March 2021 GSA’s data showed:

  • There are 807 operators with commercially launched LTE networks (offering broadband fixed wireless access and or mobile services) Within this, GSA has identified:

  • 421 operators that have launched LTE fixed wireless access services (excludes those offering MiFi/dongle services only).

  • 744 operators that offer fully mobile LTE services.

  • 245 operators hold licences to use spectrum for TD-LTE services, 167 of which are known to be actively using the spectrum (either deploying networks or have launched services).

  • 360 operators are investing in one or more LTE-Advanced technologies.

  • 212 operators are investing in LTE-Advanced Pro technologies.

  • 428 operators in 132 countries/territories are investing in 5G networks in the form of tests, trials, pilots, planned and actual deployments.

  • Of those, 153 operators in 64 countries/territories have launched commercial 3GPP-compatible 5G services (either mobile or FWA).

  • 68 operators are identified as investing in 5G standalone (including those evaluating/testing, piloting, planning, deploying as well as those that have launched 5G SA networks).

Network Features

111 operators have deployed/launched VoLTE networks worldwide

The NTS database tracks various LTE network technologies:

  • 4×4 MIMO – 151 operators identified as investing, of which 94 have deployed/launched the technology within their commercial networks.

  • 8T8R MIMO and Massive MIMO – 92 operators identified as investing in these technologies; at least 41 deployed/launched.

  • 256 QAM in the DL – 124 operators identified as investing, of which 79 are known to have deployed/launched the technology within their commercial networks.

And numerous key LTE service features:

  • 36 operators investing in LAA (9 with deployed/launched networks); 12 operators investing in LTE-U (3 with deployed/launched networks); 3 operators investing in LWA (one launch so far).

  • 280 operators investing in VoLTE, and 228 operators with launched VoLTE services.

  • 160 companies investing in NB-IoT, 111 of which have launched services.

  • 71 deployed/launched networks LTE-M networks 51 of which have deployed/launched services.


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