DSL Router


To give users the flexibility to access the Internet in multi-Service DSL broadband solution, a high-performance router is able to access a single DSL cable(ADSL/VDSL) or Ethernet cable to provide the rich residential communications service, including VoIP call, WIFI access, VPN feature etc.

CX602 LTE xDSL Dual WiFi Router

Wavetel LTE xDSL Dual WiFi Router CX601 is designed to deliver LTE/xDSL/Eth connection to the Residential and SOHO/SMB users. It supports Dual band WiFi, VoIP and fail over between WANs of LTE/xDSL/Eth.

CX600 xDSL 1200M WIFI AC Router

An ADSL/VDSL 1200Mbps WIFI AC Router. It provides Gigabit DSL or Ethernet Access, WIFI N+WIFI AC 1200Mbps WIFI access and gigabit access



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