DSL Router


To give users the flexibility to access the Internet in multi-Service DSL broadband solution, a high-performance router is able to access a single DSL cable(ADSL/VDSL) or Ethernet cable to provide the rich Business/Residential communications service, including VoIP call, WIFI access, VPN feature etc.

LTE xDSL WXG5510 -1.jpg

WXG5510 LTE xDSL Dual WiFi Router

Wavetel LTE xDSL Dual WiFi Router WXG5510 is designed to deliver LTE/xDSL/Eth connection to the Residential and SOHO/SMB users. It supports Dual band WiFi, VoIP and fail over between WANs of LTE/xDSL/Eth.

WXG5510N DSL IAD Gateway_small size.jpg

CX602 xDSL WIFI AC VoIP Router

Wavetel CX602 is an ADSL/VDSL 1200Mbps WIFI AC Router. It provides xDSL and Ethernet Access,  support WIFI N+WIFI AC and two FXS ports for VoIP.