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How can I place an order ?

Firstly, please go through our site and find out what products you would like to order. Then send an email to, order volume for the products should be mentioned in the email. If you have a target price for, you may also show us so that we could evaluate if it is possible to have it done at your expected price. We will quote you our CNF or FOB, or EXW price based on the expected purchase volume. By mutual confirmation of an order, we will send a proforma invoice that indicates total costs of the order and our bank information. Upon receipt of payment, we lanch production and arrange shipment.

Can you send me a sample ?

Yes, we do, our samples are charged. Regularly samples' cost are 10% higher than that for bulk. Shipping for samples are done by courier, e.g, DHL, TNT, Ups, etc. We can arrange shipping prepay or collect. Freight collect is not yet available with Fedex as Fedex requires both parties a Fedex account. Regularly, a prepay shipping would be more cost effective than freight collect. Please provide us your courier account if you want to arrange a shipping collect.

How will my orders be shipped?

We provide comprehensive and flexible shipping solutions for your order. Orders may be shipped by sea, by air, by courier, etc. According to your needs, we can deliver your order to the destination port, somewhere in your city, or right your warehouse address. total weight of an order shall be no less than 45kgs as Airways' minimum is 45 kgs. Weight of an order below 45kgs is regarded as 45kgs by Airways. Regularly it takes 4-6 days to arrive at your airport.
To ship by sea, it often takes 4-6 weeks to arrive at your port.
To ship by courier, it often takes 4-6 days to arrive at your office or family address.

What is your payment terms?

There are 3 options of our payment methods, Bank wire transfer, Paypal and Western Union. 
For bulks, payments are often taken by Bank wire transfer (T.T ). For samples, payments are often taken by Paypal or Western Union. But if you are restricted to access them, Bank wire transfer can be another option for samples' payment.

What are your advantages?

Our advantages are: 
1. Fast delievery 
2. comprehensive services 
3. competitive price conditions
4. Virtual aftersale service
5. Comfortable MOQs for OEM orders. 
6. Flexible MOQs

What can you do on technic support ?

All the technic issues are to be handled at the earliest time within 24 hours,  pls send your email to for all the technical issues

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