5G Outdoor CPEs


Wavetel 5G Outdoor CPE is designed to deliver ultra-high-speed internet access to the end-users via the 5G  network. It supports NSA and SA mode and could reach up to 2.5Gbps downlink peak rate. With PoE power supply and IP66 design.


O3212 5G Outdoor CPE Router_600X500.jpg

5G Outdoor CPE - O3212

Wavetel 5G Outdoor CPE/Router, NSA&SA.

compatible with 3/4G.

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.

1*Gigabit LAN + 1*2.5Gbps LAN.

1*Build-in GPS antenna (Optional)


5G NR Outdoor CPE, NSA&SA.

compatible with 3/4G.

Dual-band WiFi + 1*100/1000Mbps SFP

 4*GE port + 2*Sim Card Slot

WNO4500 5G Outdoor CPE