Media Trunking Gateway


Media trunking gateway WTG100 is one of the models of NGN series developed by
Wavetel.WTG100 seamlessly connect VoIP and the legacy PSTN networks such as
legacy PBX or E1 Service Providers. It supports ISDN PRI, SS7 and R2 signaling, various
voice codecs and SIP protocol.WTG100 is able to meet the VoIP access needs of
SMB/SME, large enterprises, call centers and carriers.



PRI,R2,and SS7 signaling and protocol conversion.

1/2/4/8 E1 Ports.

Multiple SIP Trunks

High security, built-in firewall function.


meet the VoIP access needs of SMB/SME.

Media Trunking Gateway WTG100