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self-service terminals

With the development of science and technology in the era of Internet of things, for the convenience of people's life, various self-service terminals have been widely used in finance, telecom, hospital, store, supermarket, hotel, public places, etc. Because of the scattered locations, unified monitoring and management is a big problem, the application of industrial router solves this problem.

Using industrial wireless routers, provide wireless network transmission for all integrated parts of self-service terminal, realize the networking function of self-service terminals and different back-end platforms of users. The system mainly includes front-end automatic equipment、network transmission equipment and cloud platform.

The industrial wireless router connects the self-service machine with the management platform of the central server for connection and data interaction, realize remote management and monitoring. And pass VPN and VPDN Methods such as, realize the safe transmission of data, so that the central platform can accurately grasp the location information of each self-service terminal, fault condition, operation, sales, even video surveillance.



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