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Remote Monitoring Solution of ETC Equipment

With the development of economic conditions, more and more people buy cars, which brings a certain pressure to the traffic. The movement of people between different regions has stimulated the use of ETC. After the highway intersection toll station does not need to queue, save worry and effort, as well as toll station manpower reduction, greatly reduce the labor cost.

However, toll booths are widely distributed, far away and independent from each other, requiring specialized maintenance, and some problems cannot be solved by on-site staff, while the center staff cannot respond in a timely manner, resulting in ETC channels being blocked or closed, delaying transportation. Therefore, it is necessary to centrally monitor, maintain, and manage ETC devices.

In regard of the problem, we can offers a remote monitoring solution of ETC equipment featuring. The management staff can monitor the real-time road flow, keep a record of vehicles that do not pay, and guide traffic in case of congestions. They can remotely check the status of ETC equipment and respond timely to faults, and through preventive maintenance, reduce downtime and maximize equipment


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