TSK-01 AI Face Recognition infrared measurement device

Face cognition Infrared Temp Measure
TSK-01 back

Wavetel TSK-01 AI Face Recognition infrared measurement device integrates functions of non-contact temperature measuring, attendance and Face Recognition. It adopts a high-resolution infrared focal plane thermal imaging temperature measurement solution and achieves high accuracy, fast measurement and long recognition distance. It's been widely deployed in schools, communities, companies, malls, hotels and bus/train stations, etc.




























​●Strong Face Recognition Performance

  - Face Recognition Accuracy: 99.99%(1:1, FRR 1%)

  - Living Body Detection Distance: 0.5-1.2m

  - Recognition Speed: <300ms(20000 Face Database)

  - Intelligent Recognition: Support 1:1 face comparison, Support 1:N face search

  - Mask Recognition Accuracy > 92%

  - Without Mask Reminder

●Maximum 50000 Face Database 

●120DB Ultra-Wide Dynamic

  - No fear of backlight or dark light environment

●Online Mode and Offline Mode

  - In offline mode, face recognition can be achieved without Internet connection

●Support Multiple Peripheral Expansion

  - Such as ID/IC Card Reader, Fingerprint Reader, QR code Reader, Door sensor, etc.

●Built-in High-Performance ISP

  - Restore the scene details under different optical conditions and ensure the image quality

●Rich Interfaces, Worry-Free Installation

  - USB, RJ45, RS232/UART, Lock Control

●Installation: Upright, Wall-mounted, Desktop

  - Adjustable Angle: 60° (30° at up, down, left or right)

●Background Management System

  - Personnel/Equipment/Attendance Management, Data Statistics, Access Rules Management, etc.

Technical Specifications


  - 7 inch LCD Screen

  - Resolution: 600*1024


  - Resolution: 2 million pixels

  - Genre: 120DB Wide Dynamic Binocular Camera

  - Built-in Fill Light, No fear of backlight or dark light environment


  - Power Supply: DC 12V/500mA

  - Internet: 1*10/100Mbps RJ45 Port

  - 1*USB 2.0

  - Lock Control: 1 Channel Lock Control Signal

  - 1*RS232/UART (Optional)


  - Aluminum Alloy Shell

  - Wear-Resistant, Anti-Corrosion


  - Host Weight: 900g, Upright/Wall-mounted/Desktop Bracket Weight: 250g/130g/200g

  - Storage Temperature: -25 -- 60℃

  - Operating Temperature: -10 -- 60℃






Face Recognition with/without Mask Mask Detection

Maximum 50000 Face Database


Detection Distance up to 5ft

Whole Face Thermal Imaging

Easy Attendance and Contact Report

Infrared Temperature Measurement

Accuracy < ±0.3℃

Fast Detection

Recognition < 300ms per Person

Non-Contact Detection

Reduce the Risk of Cross-Contact

Where to Use:





Office Building