Temperature Screening Kiosk



Pandemic of COVID-19 has not only changed the way we work, but also the way we learn and live. Get safe and wise to the Post COVID-19 New Normal with Wavetel's newly designed Face Recognition and Temperature Screening Terminal. It supports functions of non-contact temperature measuring, attendance and Face Recognition. It adopts a high-resolution infrared focal plane thermal imaging temperature measurement solution and achieves high accuracy, fast measurement and long recognition distance. It's been widely deployed in schools, communities, companies, malls, hotels and bus/train stations, etc.


Temperature Screening Kiosk

🔹Non-contact Temperature Measurement

🔹Face Recognition, Mask Detection

🔹Easy Attendance

🔹Recognition Speed < 300ms

🔹Range up to 5ft

🔹Whole Face Thermal Imaging

🔹Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.3℃