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Video conferencing is more fluid

5G networks will vastly improve Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video calls and the overall web meeting experience.

With faster network speeds the quality of VoIP on mobile phones will increase. VoIP quality using 4G results in great strains on mobile networks, with 5Gs increased speed and efficiency this strain will be greatly reduced. VoIP quality and reliability will stay consistent if you’re on a 5G network, happy days and just one of the many 5G benefits for business.

As well as improving VoIP the faster network speeds will greatly improve video calls. This means that video calls with 5G will outperform current models by a whopping 20 times. It doesn’t end there, video calls using 5G technology will incorporate elements of AI and augmented reality. It will have a drastic impact on office communications, enabling client video calls to run seamlessly.

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