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Smart Grid

Increased electrical energy consumption accelerate grid build, more and more electrical grid construction and equipment maintenance under complex terrain conditions require Smart Grid. A smart power grid is an electrical grid that includes a variety of operation and energy measures ranging from meters to controllers for data collection. Operators rely heavily on the timely data report that collected from the dispersed controllers and the IP cameras to make the right decision during the remote monitor powring of line status, threshold warning, and fault location for smart grid operation. In this scenario, the cellular router is widely used to minimize the cost of downtime and bring distributed sites online faster. We using 5G/4G LTE industrial routers, smart feeder automatic control can be realized by utilizing the high bandwidth and low delay characteristics of 5G/4G LTE, greatly reducing the number of fault-free lines, fault-cut areas, and user power-off time, improving the reliability of power supply for users and the security of the power grid.

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