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Online monitoring of meteorological environment

In today’s evolving era, not only is the economy developing faster and faster, but also people’s health Life is getting better and better, and people are pursuing higher quality in all aspects of life, especially the monitoring of the atmosphere. The so-called atmospheric environment monitoring is in fact the detection of various pollutants in the atmospheric environment and the observation and analysis of changes in pollutants and harm to people. It is of great importance to all aspects of people's healthy life. The meaning of existence cannot be ignored.

5G industrial wireless router provides wireless Internet access for the field monitoring system, so that the data of the monitoring node can be transmitted to the server located on the Internet, and the control information on the server can also be distributed to the nodes in the monitoring network superior. So as to realize the main functions of real-time emission parameter collection, data analysis and processing, data graphic display, real-time video observation, video browsing and image capture of key pollution source monitoring points.

5G Industrial wireless router is applied to online monitoring of meteorological environment. Through various environmental sensors, it monitors important parameters such as rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, light intensity, noise, dust, rainfall, cameras, etc., through 5G and Ethernet Upload data to the cloud platform, built-in multiple communication protocols to support access to private cloud platforms and major public clouds.



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