Go With LTE Outdoor Fixed Wireless Solution to Get Ultra-Broadband Connections Instantly

Utilize LTE-based technologies in shared spectrum to empower customers to run their own local network with dedicated equipment and settings. With a fixed wireless access offering, network operators can supply vast amounts of new customers with broadband internet. By delivering broadband over last mile access networks, operators can rapidly increase revenue in untapped markets.

Connect a branch office, temporary site, vehicle, or Internet of Things (IoT) device with broadband cellular service as needed.

There are many benefits to using 4G LTE as a fixed WAN access connection. For example, you can:

1.Set up wireless WANs without waiting weeks for terrestrial links.

2. Connect in-vehicle users for public safety applications.

3. Create temporary links in construction sites, sporting events, trade shows, and kiosks.Avoid downtime caused by cable cuts by using 4G LTE for routing diversity.

4. Get wired-like communication experiences using less-expensive wireless links.






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